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Blue umbrella dress set


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The combination of blue with a half-white flower design and golden outlines on an umbrella dress gives a sense of elegance and sophistication. Adding a side rope with embroidery work on the front neck adds a touch of detail and uniqueness to the design. Pairing it with matching pants and a shawl completes the ensemble, creating a cohesive and stylish look. Overall, it sounds like a stunning outfit choice for a special occasion or event.




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"Chic blue umbrella dress with half-white flower motifs outlined in gold. Embroidered neckline with side rope detail. Includes matching pants and shawl for a coordinated look."

X or Hourglass: The fitted waist and V-neck highlight your natural curves, creating an alluring and balanced look.

A- Triangle Shaped: The flowing skirt can balance out wider hips, and the V-neck draws attention to the upper body.

H or Rectangle: The dress can add curves to a more linear body shape, and the V-neck detail adds interest to the bust area.

O-Shaped: The cinched waist creates a defined midsection, and the full sleeves provide coverage while maintaining a chic appearance.

V or Inverted Triangle: The V-neck complements broader shoulders, and the fitted waist adds a touch of femininity to your silhouette.

Wash Care : 

Machine wash on a gentle or normal cycle in cold water with like color. Disclaimer We make effect to capture original colors of the out fit. However, due to factors not in control, the color you see on your screen slightly vary from the real ones. Minor variation in color is unavoidable.

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