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Black Aline Kurti

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Black premium cotton Aline Dress with crew neck

Elbow Sleeves 

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This silk kurti can complement a range of body types, thanks to its flowing fabric and versatile design:

X or Hourglass: The A-line silhouette enhances the hourglass figure by emphasizing the natural waist and creating a well-proportioned and graceful appearance.

A-Shaped: For individuals with a pear-shaped body (narrower shoulders and wider hips), the fitted bodice and flared skirt balance out the lower body while highlighting the waist, resulting in a flattering and harmonious look.

H or Rectangle: The A-line kurti adds curves and definition to a more linear body shape, creating the illusion of curves and providing an elegant and feminine appearance.

O-Shaped: The kurti's straight upper body portion maintains comfort around the midsection while adding sophistication to the overall look, making it a comfortable and flattering choice for apple-shaped individuals.

It's important to remember that individual style, personal preferences, and comfort should always be the primary factors in choosing clothing. While certain design elements may be more flattering for some body types, fashion is highly individual, and feeling confident and comfortable in your chosen clothing is key. Additionally, accessories and styling choices can often enhance the overall look and fit of a garment, allowing you to adapt it to your specific preferences and body shape.

Wash Care

Machine wash on a gentle or normal cycle in cold water with like color. 


We make effect to capture original colors of the out fit. However, due to factors not in control, the color you see on your screen slightly vary from the real ones. Minor variation in color is unavoidable.

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